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Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep

 Old English "babydoll" Southdown sheep. Although the breed is known by many names, Old English Babydoll perfect 4, smiling sheep, teddy bear sheep, or simply Babydoll Southdowns, their smiling face will win your heart.  

 This breed can be traced back to the early 1800's in the United States. Trace them further and you will uncover a heritage breed from the south down hills of Sussex County England in the early 1700's.  The decline in later years was due to a desire for a larger sheep. The southdowns are larger and mainly used as a meat breed. The "babydoll" Southdowns are a smaller versatile breed derived from the original Old English Southdowns, with a soft loving personality.

   Babydolls are perfect for that small farm or homestead. Their amazing wool for those who spin, it runs 19–22-micron range. It also can be mixed with other wools.  Uses around the farm are helping control weeds and fertilizing your land. We find these little sheep do not eat our trees but choose to stick to the weeds. Their size makes for a perfect 4-H project for those young farmers.  They also have an excellent table value with a taste beyond compare. 

  We started our flock in 2019 and strive to reach and maintain the breed standard. Our flock is currently  NABSSAR, BSSBA International and BSBA resisted.

   Height should be around 18 - 24 inches. Any less than 18" should be discouraged. Please check with the registries of your choice for a detailed description on their regulations.  NABSSAR allows for Off White and Black colors to be registered.  BSRA and BSSBA allow for Off White, Black and Spotted to be registered. 

  Please feel free to contact or visit us and take a look at these sweet sheep. 

Our Rams

King James

D.O.B.- 2019 NABSSAR, Off white, RR

Harley was Champion Ram In Nebraska  2019 as a lamb. He has a sweet temperament we hope to pass along to his future lambs

D.O.B.  2020 NABSSAR Off White 

James is our youngest ram one of the kids favorites. He has a face to fall in love with


D.O.B. 2021 BSSBA, BSRA, Black

Marley as we call him is from Apple Fox farm.  I love that teddy bear face. He also has that soft laid back temperament


D.O.B. 2023  Off white NABSSAR, BSRA registered. We could not be happier with this guy.  Our grandson made his debut in the show ring this year with this amazing lamb. Can not wait to see his offspring.

Our Ewes


 2019 NABSSAR  off white, twin 

Isla has given her lambs that wonderful smile and great confirmation. 

Miss Priss AKA Missy

DOB 2019, Black Twin  RR 

she is double registered.

Missy has the teddy bear face that always smiles. 


 2019 NABSSAR Black twin

Isla has given us twins. She has given her lambs her friendly disposition. 


2020  BSRA Black, RR, twin

Screenshot_20210907-102922[66]winter ginger (2).png

2020 OEBSS off white, RR, twin

2017 Off white RR


Ginger blessed us with triplets 


20230814_105903 2308.jpg
  • Ivy - ewe
  • DOB 6/2023
  • spot carrier
  • twin to 2308
  • 700.00
  • Pending Pick up
20230814_110021 2306_edited.jpg
  • Ainslie - ewe 
  • DOB 6/2023
  • spot carrier
  • twin 
  • 700.00
  • Pending Pick up
20230814_105629 2304_edited.jpg
  • ewe lamb  GIDGET
  • DOB 6/2023
  • twin
  • spot carrier
  • Sold

Pending pick up, twin to 2308

Don't let this photo fool you. She

may be pint size, but she has spunk and is one of our favorites

  •       Maveric
  • DOB 6/2023
  • ram/wether
  •     sold          
  •  Rose                
  •  DOB 6/2023       single, spot       carrier
  •  Sold                 

This sweet boy will be wethered and going to be a friend for a ram. He is curious and such a sweet boy.

Sold- this sassy lady did not want to cooperate for her head shot.  She may be staying as this is our granddaughters lamb.

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